Tag, Your It!

Preschoolers playing Duck, Duck, Goose. 
Running at full speed, the preschool, pre-k, and school-age children enrolled at LVCC's Campus Center exercised their bodies and minds in the summer enrichment classes. Gym teacher, Ms. Aislynn, kept the tots on their toes with every weekly lesson.

Following the Olympic theme, the children participated in a variety of physical activities that replicated the Olympic sports. This past week in honor of track and field events, the game of choice was "tag".

Preschool learned the basics of running fast and stopping quickly on command with Freeze Tag and Red Light, Green Light. Their favorite racing and chasing game was Duck, Duck, Goose. Having a smaller group, pre-k demonstrated proper stretching techniques before tagging each other around the playground. They also took turns catching and throwing a ball in a circle. The school-age children practiced quick thinking and lunges while trying to steal objects being held prisoner from their opponents base without being tagged during a more challenging version called Prison Tag.

And the outdoor fun continues...

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