Gingerbread Houses

The students enrolled in the Pre-K Counts class at LVCC on Union Blvd created unique gingerbread houses alongside very special helpers -- their families!


Thank You!

"Thank you" to all of our readers. We appreciate that you take the time to keep up with what's happening THIS WEEK AT LVCC. On behalf of everyone at LVCC, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Editor's Note: We'd also like to extend some holiday cheer and a great big THANK YOU to all the teachers and center directors who make this blog possible. We couldn't do it without you!


The Thanksgiving Feast

Students enrolled in LVCC's College Hill (Easton) location reenacted the first Thanksgiving. They sat together at a long table and enjoyed a feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and more! Thank you to all the parents who participated in the event and/or brought in goodies for the feast.


All About Me!

Students enrolled in the Pre-K Counts class at LVCC's Union Blvd location (Allentown) celebrated All About Me Week. The children created puppets and dolls that look like themselves.


Thanks "a lot!"

A special thank you to our friends at TD Charitable Foundation who visited LVCC on Union Blvd. (Allentown) to drop off a generous $10,000 donation to our Scholarship Fund. When asked how much the check was written for, one child replied, "a lot!"

Thanks "a lot" TD Charitable Foundation!!


I Want My Mummy!

Students enrolled in the school-age program at Union Blvd built an outstanding, life-sized, paper mache sarcophagus.


Costume Party!!

Students at LVCC's Stones Crossing location (Easton) celebrated Halloween with costumes a plenty!

Little Pumpkins on Parade

LVCC's Little Pumpkins were on parade today on Bethlehem's Southside. The students at LVCC's Campus Center had a blast showing off their costumes and their smiles!!!

The Great Pumpkin Search

The preschool and pre-k classes at LVCC's College Hill location (Easton) took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch in search of the perfect pumpkin! They got to ride on a haywagon, learn about how corn grows, walk through the Crayola Corn Maze, and FINALLY pick the perfect pumpkin!


The South Mountain Cheerleaders

The school-age children enrolled at LVCC's South Mountain (Allentown) location developed a cheer for LVCC!


Apple Tasting Contest

The students enrolled in LVCC's after-school program at Muhlenberg School (Allentown) celebrated the fall apple harvest with an apple tasting contest. After the contest they pealed the extra apples and made their own applesauce.

In case you are wondering... Granny Smith won in a landslide!


Camp College Hill

This week, the preschool students at LVCC's College Hill (Easton) location discovered the great outdoors. They went on a nature walk and picked up some fall foliage then used the material collected to create some fun art projects --including a fall collage and "stick paintings."

The children also made "CAMPFIRE SOUP." Each child bought in a can of soup or veggie. As you can see in the photos below, the children made the soup themselves over their "campfire." They even recycled the cans to do their part to keep our environment clean.

Like all good camp outs, the day ended with some yummy smores!


Congratulations, Mr. Mike!

LVCC Regional Coordinator Michael Hoffman (shown here with some of his friends from Stones Crossing, Easton) has been chosen to participate in the inaugural PA Early Childhood Fellowship Program. In collaboration with Pennsylvania QUEST and PennAEYC, the PA Early Childhood Fellowship program is being launched to train the next generation of early childhood leaders.

A cohort of 12 to 16 practitioners from around the state were chosen on a competitive basis to participate in this leadership program, which is designed to educate, connect, and support emerging leaders working in the field of early childhood education. Michael will attend trainings and leadership discussions throughout the state several times over the course of the next year.


LVCC at Liberty High School

The infants and toddlers enrolled in LVCC's program at Liberty High School are truly enjoying their newly renovated classroom and, when weather permits, having a ball on the football field!


The Safety Patrol

LVCC's after-school crew at Nazareth Intermediate School has been asked to serve as the school's safety patrol! They are responsible for signaling when the the halls are clear so the buses can be released, as well as the other patrol duties. As you can see, they are taking their new duties very seriously!!!


Day of Caring

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who participated in the United Way Day of Caring on Thursday, September 24, 2009. We were thrilled to host a group of volunteers from Dun & Bradstreet (pictured above) at our Fowler Center location in Bethlehem. This group painted our staff lounge and infant classroom.

Also joining us in Bethlehem was a group from Lehigh University. They helped us reorganize and redecorate. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Grand Opening Celebration

On September 16th, LVCC celebrated the GRAND OPENING of our newest location -- LVCC at Stones Crossing (Easton). On hand to help us celebrate were representatives from the Kiwanis Club of Palmer Township. Pictured below from left are: Kiwanis Club President Steve Ryan, Ann Marie Panella, LVCC Center Director Gail Murphy, Carry Gerber, Debra Jo Ashton-Chase and Bob Lammi. President Ryan presented the Center Director with a $500 donation to help establish a playground at the location.


Aloha Week!

The young school age program at LVCC's location on Union Blvd. (Allentown) celebrated the end of summer with "Aloha Week." Festivities included the children making their very own hula skirts and leis.


Thank you!

Our friends from KNBT / National Penn Bank visited LVCC's Stones Crossing location in Easton to present a generous check for $10,000. The money will be used for Pre-K scholarships. Pictured with the preschool children (from left) are KNBT Representatives Darla Stecker and Ron Donchez, LVCC President/CEO Susan M. Williams and teacher, Miss Jess.


Welcome Home!

LVCC at Liberty High School returned to their original home -- Liberty High School -- after years of renovations to the space. On the first day of school, LVCC played host to five infants / toddlers and a new Center Director. We warmly welcome Amanda Olsen to the LVCC family!


Beach Party!

Children and staff at LVCC's Walnut Street location (Allentown) celebrated summer with an on-site beach party!



Congratulations to the hard working staff members who have served LVCC for five years or more! Thank you to the students from LVCC's South Mountain location for helping to honor these committed staffers.

Please help us celebrate! Crank up the volume and dance at your desk!


Staff Development Day

On Friday, August 14th, LVCC centers were closed for our annual Staff Development Day. Staff received training on fire safety, blood borne pathogens, imaginative use of art materials, teaching nutrition through interaction, bully prevention, hands on math and science, and more!

During the retreat, we celebrated 54 staff members who have been with the company five years or more. Those celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years are shown in the picture below. Two staffers, Janet Soos (VP of Early Childhood Services) and Carry Ackinclose Gerber (Marketing & Communications Manager) were honored with special awards. Janet was given the Founders Lifetime Service Award and Carry was given the President's / CEO's Award for Individual Growth, Creativity and Innovation.

Thank you to Valley Youth House for hosting us at their beautiful retreat -- Camp Fowler. And a special thank you to our families for their patience and understanding. Our retreat was energizing, and we look forward to bringing enthusiasm and new skills back to your children!


Green Day!

It's not easy being green! School-age students enrolled in LVCC's South Mountain location decided that last Friday would be GREEN day. They wore green clothes, ate green foods and even constructed green ears!


Cooperative Games

School-age students enrolled in LVCC at Stones Crossing (Easton) are shown here playing a "cooperative game" called Circle-to-Circle. The objective is to pass the hola hoop around the circle without breaking hands. Cooperative games are physical and mental activities intended to teach teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills. LVCC school-age staff underwent training last year to learn and incorporate cooperative games into their curriculum. A grant from Hospital Central Services Education Fund helped LVCC purchase equipment.

Dentist Visits South Mountain!

Dr. Berardi visited LVCC at South Mountain (Allentown) as part of the Smile Pennsylvania / Mobile Dentist in-school dental program.