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Lehigh Valley Children’s Centers’ programs are child-centered. Learning occurs through active play and hands-on experiences. We tailor our programs to meet the developmental needs, abilities and interests of each child, so they can grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

LVCC programs are designed to:

• Build a strong foundation of trust between child, parent and teacher
• Provide individual attention
• Instill positive feelings towards learning
• Emphasize positive self-confidence
• Develop decision-making skills
• Encourage cooperative interaction
• Model acceptance and understanding of others
• Encourage healthy physical activity and good nutrition

Visit our website for a detailed description of services by age-group.

Our Staff

LVCC employees are both professional educators and nurturing caregivers.  They care deeply about the health and development of the children in their care and believe in the importance of open and effective communication with parents.  We value ideas and feedback and encourage parents to be an active part of their child's program.  Our doors are always open for parents to visit their child's center at any time.

To ensure an excellent early learning experience for every child, we recruit and retain the best employees.  We require and support ongoing training in child development, safety and other relevant topics.