Babies are a-Moving!

Infants are very curious little individuals. They explore their environment from the time they wake until the moment they can no longer resist sleep. Between 7-10 months of age, infants become mobile.  The world becomes irresistible for baby. Whether they shuffle along on their bottoms, roll around the room, or progress to crawling on their knees, infants will master any technique to get where they want to go.

The infants shown above demonstrate the development of their arm, leg, and back muscles. The determined girl on the left pulls herself up using the people and items around her. The inquisitive boy on the right uses his hands and feet to reach the toys next to him as he sits upright.

LVCC’s infant rooms are full of colorful toys and soft blocks to stimulate motor skills (movement). Baby is free to discover his/her surroundings in a safe environment.

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