The Sun Shines on Walnut Street

Sometimes, you get the perfect spring day to enjoy the outdoors! Today, students enrolled at LVCC on Walnut Street (Allentown) played on the playground. They especially enjoyed their shiny, new equipment -- generously donated by the Kiwanis Club of Allentown Foundation. Thank you to our friends from the Kiwanis Club!

LVCC on Union Blvd Celebrates Earth Day

Twenty four-year-old students enrolled in the Pre-K Counts class on Union Blvd (Allentown) celebrated Earth Day by putting on a skit to encourage their friends and family to reuse and recycle!

Customer Survey Collection Begins

A family enrolled at LVCC on College Hill (Easton) take time to fill out LVCC's annual customer satisfaction survey. Customer feedback is essential to help us better understand the needs of our constituents, therefore, families at all LVCC centers will be asked to take part in this process.

LVCC at Muhlenburg Takes Off!

Students enrolled at LVCC at Muhlenberg spent an afternoon learning to make their own rockets. The ever-entertaining folks from Mad Science led the activity and then helped the children launch rockets on their playground. The event brought new meaning to LVCC's slogan -- "Reaching New Heights in Early Education!"


Children at LVCC at South Mountain Create a Mural

Community artist, Tanya DeLucas, along with Pre-K Counts students, parents, staff and community volunteers at LVCC at South Mountain, painted a mural in the school's gymnasium to celebrate "Week of the Young Child." You have to see it to believe it! Visit us on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/lvchildcare


Exciting Happenings at LVCC's Fowler Center (Bethlehem)

Miss Dana, Head Teacher in the Pre-K Counts classroom
at LVCC's Fowler Center on Main Street shows off
her creation -- a crayon drill!

The cordless crayon drill was a huge hit in the classroom!

State Representative Steve Samuelson visited the children
at LVCC's Fowler Center on Main Street to read two stories
and celebrate Week of the Young Child.