Saying Goodbye to an Olympic Summer

Practicing gross motor skills by kicking the ball.
This week marked the final days of LVCC's summer physical fitness program. Our on-staff physical fitness teacher kept the school-age students hopping with a game of kickball to complete their last class.

The children played as a team both offensively and defensively. The offensive team cheered on their kicker at plate while the defense worked cooperatively to catch and throw the ball to their fellow basemen. The kickball lessons were a great way to increase gross motor skills and communication.

Other LVCC summer students exhibited their creative talents in construction. The school-age children from LVCC at Truman were given a challenge by their teachers. Could they build the American flag and the Olympic rings symbol with Legos? The children once again proved they could do it!

Following sequential steps in the correct order, the children practiced fine-motor development. Our Lego Olympians used their problem-solving skills and math abilities (counting and sorting Legos) to make flat Olympic rings and 3-dimensional rings. The brightly colored pieces also provided patterning practice.

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