Discovery at the Lehigh Valley Zoo

Preschool and pre-k classes at LVCC's Fowler Center on Main Street went on a fantastically fun field trip to the Lehigh Valley Zoo! The children had the opportunity to learn more about their favorite animals and see them up close.

A multi-sensory experience, the children pet goats, fed ducks, listened to the birds chirping, and watched the peculiar behaviors of several animals including turkeys, cows, and horses. The ostrich and zebra were the most popular among the whole zoo. The kids got a kick out of the ostrich, who seemed to enjoy hanging out along the fenceline. 

Playing on the zoo's playground, the children rode the merry-go-round and spring riders shaped like colorful animals. They also posed for silly pictures as baby kangaroos!

After their morning of zoological exploration, the children returned to LVCC for a healthy lunch. Exercising minds and little legs sure can work up an appetite!

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