Costume Party!!

Students at LVCC's Stones Crossing location (Easton) celebrated Halloween with costumes a plenty!

Little Pumpkins on Parade

LVCC's Little Pumpkins were on parade today on Bethlehem's Southside. The students at LVCC's Campus Center had a blast showing off their costumes and their smiles!!!

The Great Pumpkin Search

The preschool and pre-k classes at LVCC's College Hill location (Easton) took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch in search of the perfect pumpkin! They got to ride on a haywagon, learn about how corn grows, walk through the Crayola Corn Maze, and FINALLY pick the perfect pumpkin!


The South Mountain Cheerleaders

The school-age children enrolled at LVCC's South Mountain (Allentown) location developed a cheer for LVCC!


Apple Tasting Contest

The students enrolled in LVCC's after-school program at Muhlenberg School (Allentown) celebrated the fall apple harvest with an apple tasting contest. After the contest they pealed the extra apples and made their own applesauce.

In case you are wondering... Granny Smith won in a landslide!


Camp College Hill

This week, the preschool students at LVCC's College Hill (Easton) location discovered the great outdoors. They went on a nature walk and picked up some fall foliage then used the material collected to create some fun art projects --including a fall collage and "stick paintings."

The children also made "CAMPFIRE SOUP." Each child bought in a can of soup or veggie. As you can see in the photos below, the children made the soup themselves over their "campfire." They even recycled the cans to do their part to keep our environment clean.

Like all good camp outs, the day ended with some yummy smores!


Congratulations, Mr. Mike!

LVCC Regional Coordinator Michael Hoffman (shown here with some of his friends from Stones Crossing, Easton) has been chosen to participate in the inaugural PA Early Childhood Fellowship Program. In collaboration with Pennsylvania QUEST and PennAEYC, the PA Early Childhood Fellowship program is being launched to train the next generation of early childhood leaders.

A cohort of 12 to 16 practitioners from around the state were chosen on a competitive basis to participate in this leadership program, which is designed to educate, connect, and support emerging leaders working in the field of early childhood education. Michael will attend trainings and leadership discussions throughout the state several times over the course of the next year.


LVCC at Liberty High School

The infants and toddlers enrolled in LVCC's program at Liberty High School are truly enjoying their newly renovated classroom and, when weather permits, having a ball on the football field!