Beating the Heat with Water Week

This was a hot summer week, but LVCC at Stones Crossing kept the thermometer low by chillin' with the children! As part of the learning experience (and also to beat the heat), the classes had water play and learned about different water environments.

The teachers created a day at the beach in LVCC’s backyard where the toddlers were engrossed in water activity. By floating toys in buckets of water, the tots discovered the buoyancy of various weights. Exploring with their senses, the toddlers dipped their tiny fingers and toes into the water and were asked how it felt. Teachers also encouraged the children to share materials and expand their social skills. The children worked together to fill cups with water. They then spilled the cups of water into the bucket, which practiced development of fine motor skills.

Preschool and Pre-K learned about ecosystems, focusing on ponds and the living creatures in them. A few toads made a special guest appearance. The preschoolers went on a “bug hunt” outside to find crickets and gnats to feed the toads. Concentrating on the life-cycle of the frog, the class learned about hibernation, the difference between frogs and toads, how frogs make different sounding croaks to talk to each other, and how they use their tongues to get food. The children then participated in gross motor play by acting out frogs, toads, and other kinds of water animals. As an art project, the class painted blue (for water) and green (for plant life) to make a paper pond. They then fine-tuned motor skills by cutting and pasting the green paintings to create a finished pond.

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