The Colorful Spectrum of Da Vinci Science Center

The Da Vinci Science Center On the Move program has returned to Lehigh Valley Children's Centers for another successful summer season. School-age children at LVCC (Campus Center, Fowler Center, South Mountain, Truman School, and Western Salisbury School) will experience four science sessions with Da Vinci in their own classroom.

Students enrolled in LVCC at Truman School completed their program this week with a final lesson on color artology. While exploring the science of art, the children discovered their own color by mixing the three primary colors using colored liquid, pipettes, and lab trays. They then made their own kaleidoscopes using colored polymers.

In past lessons, the class was introduced to the chemistry of matter and phase change while conducting dry ice experiments. Through collecting and analyzing fingerprints, capturing DNA (with a saliva swab), and analyzing data, students explored forensic chemistry. Using ingenuity and a few building blocks, students constructed towers and gained knowledge of architecture.

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