Week of the Young Child Success

LVCC's Campus Center
Pennsylvania State Representative Joe
Brennan with Pre-K Counts
Our Pre-K Counts class at Campus Center enjoyed a reading of the book "Bear at Work" by State Representative Joe Brennan when he visited Monday. Rep. Brennan also brought us each a coloring book and crayons to keep! See more photos...

The Pre-K counts and preschool classes held a "Hop-a-thon" fundraiser for the Muscular Distrophy Association. We enjoyed hopping around and using up lots of energy!
PNC Bank representative with Pre-K Counts
A PNC Bank representative came to visit our Pre-K counts and preschool classes. She read us a story and talked about how saving our pennies can add up. 

LVCC's Fowler Center on Main Street
Bethlehem Fire Lieutenant Mike
Rampulla with LVCC's Fowler toddlers
In between fighting fires, Bethlehem firemen made a stop at our toddler and preschool classes. They talked about what to do in case of a fire and let us try on the fireman hat. In addition, Fire Lieutenant Mike Rampulla read about llamas to the toddlers. See more photos...
Pennsylvania State Representative Steve Samuelson 
with LVCC's Fowler Center Pre-K Counts.
State Representative Steve Samuelson also visited our students. He read "Way Down Deep In the Deep Blue Sea" to the Pre-K Counts class. Rep. Samuelson seemed impressed that we all knew the words and could rhyme in time with him. We were highly attentive and enjoyed his visit.  See more photos...

LVCC's Judith Chase Early Learning Center
Ellen Kern, Senator Pat Brown's
Chief of Staff , with thank you tree.
Senator Pat Browne's Chief of Staff, Ellen Kern, came to our center to read to the preschool classes. As a thank you for visiting us, our preschool class gave her a piece of our artwork. Each student wrote their own name on each leaf of the tree. See more photos...

Our Pre-K Counts class received a K-Nex construction demonstration. We were able to build structures and received a K-Nex gift to take home.
Bernie Krokus of Allentown Health Bureau
performs puppet show for preschool.
The Allentown Health Bureau brought their traveling puppet show to preschool. Using a cat and dog puppet, they explained to us about petting friendly animals with permission and to not approach strange animals. See more photos...
The whole center held interactive activities where families could spend time with their children. Some classes had a family breakfast or lunch, while others made family murals and a family quilt.
Pre-K Counts performs a "Recycling" play.
It was standing room only during the Pre-K Counts performance of a play about recycling to improve our environment. Our class created the entire play ourselves. We wrote the script, artfully made the costumes and the backdrop, and picked out our own props. Family members gave a standing ovation for the wonderful theatrics of 4-year-olds. Allentown's Mayor Ed Pawlowski received a private performance afterward. The city's recycling initiative is what gave the class the inspiration for the play. See more photos...

LVCC at Lincoln School
To coincide with the investing theme for the week, our school-age class read "A Chair for My Mother" and discussed saving money for things that we may need.

Our Mad Science program continued. This time the mad scientist brought along stunt planes and gliders, arousing interest in aeronautics.

We were given a special treat by our teachers. We ate lunch at Sweet Memories in Emmaus!

LVCC at Lower Nazareth
Pennsylvania State Representative Marcia
Hahn with LVCC at Lower Nazareth students.
State Representative Marcia Hahn visited our school-age students enrolled in LVCC at Lower Nazareth. She read "Stop Snoring Bernard" and spoke with us about our interests. Rep. Hahn also brought us each a gift of "Billy & Betsy" coloring books!

LVCC at Muhlenberg
We performed fun and exciting experiments when the Da Vinci Science Center brought their traveling laboratory to our classroom. It gave us the opportunity to "think like scientists" and formulate our problem-solving skills.

A school year photo montage was on display for our families during our special parent/child snack. We gave our parents a gift made with love. Each of our classmates received a piggy bank and a book about how to manage money from our teachers.

LVCC at NAIS student cleans
up for Earth Week.
LVCC at Nazareth Area Intermediate
Our Earth Week project was to weed and pick up the garbage in front of our school. Everyone chipped in. By working as a team, we were able to get the job done quickly.
LVCC at NAIS students make
S.A.D.D. cards for prom.
Our female classmates made cards for Nazareth Prom participants. The S.A.D.D. (students against destructive decisions) club asked us to make a card personally addressed to each student going to the prom and placed at their table. The message inside the card is to encourage the prom-goers to be safe and make good choices.

We held interactive activities with our parents, including an art project, reading station, and a science touch-and-feel station. We also created a child and parent photo album to take home. Our families had the opportunity to watch the safety videos that we created earlier in the year.

LVCC at Ritter School
Pennyslvania State Representative
Steve Samuelson with LVCC at Ritter.
State Representative Steve Samuelson visited our school-age class. After he read a story about Native Americans, we drew illustrations depicting our ideas about the book. We then had conversations about the story and our many interests. Rep. Samuelson told us some facts about himself too.  See more photos...

LVCC at Shafer School
We also held interactive activities with our parents, including an art project, reading station, and a science touch-and-feel station. We created a child and parent photo album to take home. Our families had the opportunity to watch the safety videos that we created earlier in the year.

LVCC's South Mountain
Pennsylvania State Representative
Justin Simmons with Pre-K Counts.
State Representative Justin Simmons brought along one of his favorite childhood books during his visit to LVCC's South Mountain. He read "Tootle" to our Pre-K Counts class, which we really liked. We remained highly attentive and excited when Rep. Simmons asked us each about our name tags that listed what we want to be when we grow up. See more photos...
Allentown's Mayor Ed Pawlowski
with Pre-K Counts.

Allentown's Mayor Ed Pawlowski read to both preschool and Pre-K Counts. He brought each of us a pack of crayons and a firetruck coloring book. See more photos...
Allentown's Mayor Ed Pawlowski
with preschool. 

Pennsylvania State Representative
Joe Brennan, Ms. Oval, and preschoolers
singing "Build a Bridge..."

LVCC at St. Luke's
Our preschool class kept State Representative Joe Brennan engaged in lots of activities during his visit. He spoke to us about how he once wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and the importance of education. We sang "Build a Bridge, Dig a Tunnel, Build a Road" with Rep. Brennan, which involves a partner and lots of hand motions. Rep. Brennan taught us some math and measuring skills when we asked him his height. We compared Rep. Brennan's height of 6' 5" when he stood next to Ms. Oval who is 5'. Rep. Brennan also brought us each a "Billy & Betsy" coloring book and crayons to keep!  See more photos...
Toddlers stretching like otters with
Bethlehem librarian, Ms. Regina.

Ms. Regina from the Bethlehem Library read "Stop Snoring Bernard" to our toddlers. She made the book fun by having us participate with questions and answers, and then moving around to get out our wiggles.  See more photos...

Our families were invited to join us for breakfast muffins where we gave them a hand-made gift. We also had our picture taken with our parents, which will later be displayed on our family tree in the center's foyer for everyone to see.

We started our children's garden by planting seedlings. The garden will continue to grow as we add painted river rocks.
Pennsylvania State Senator Lisa Boscola
with LVCC at St. Luke's preschoolers.
Senator Lisa Boscola had a room full of precocious preschoolers while reading "When I'm Feeling Kind." One of our preschool classmates brought the book from home and asked if the Senator could read it to us. She asked us questions about the book and we all wanted to give answers.  See more photos...
Toddlers and preschoolers dancing with
Tooth Buddy Tales puppet show.

Our toddler and preschool classes watched an exciting puppet show by Tooth Buddy Tales. Using comedy and colorful puppets, the father and son acting team taught us the difference between good, healthy snacks (like fruits, vegetables, and milk) and bad, cavity-causing snacks (like candy, chips, cakes, cookies, and pies).We laughed at the funny puppets and actors. We danced to high energy music. The entire audience, including the teachers, participated. We all became tooth buddies because we learned how to fight cavities by brushing our teeth regularly and staying away from sweet and sticky treats!  See more photos...

 LVCC at Stones Crossing
Pennsylvania State Representative
Bob Freeman with LVCC at Stones Crossing
State Representative Bob Freeman read two rainy-day, sleepy-time books, "The Napping House" and "Stop Snoring Bernard" to our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. He kept us highly engaged and entertained with his witty impression of Bernard, the otter with a snoring problem.  See more photos...

Pennsylvania State Representative
Joe Emrick with LVCC at Stones Crossing
State Representative Joe Emrick also visited our center. He was very animated and lively while he read "The Napping House" and "Stop Snoring Bernard." We enjoyed having him as a special reader.  See more photos...

Our parents deposited "centamints" into a center piggy bank. On these slips of paper, they wrote us notes of love and how much they value us. Our teachers later read these notes to us, which give us a smile throughout the day! We also had a family fun time, where families could decorate a square for the center's family quilt.

LVCC at Truman
Pennsylvania State Representative Justin
Simmons with LVCC at Truman
State Representative Justin Simmons visited our school-age class. After reading to us, he talked with the whole class about what he does as a legislator. The class had lots of questions. He also asked us about our interests.  See more photos...
We constructed cards for senior-citizens at local nursing homes. Some of our messages included jokes and inspirational notes to give the elderly recipients a smile. With this project, we discussed what happens when we age and how we can learn from older adults.

A TD Bank representative came to our center to talk about the importance of saving money. The representative explained some of the best ways to start saving at an early age.

Pre-K Counts planting flowers
at LVCC on Union Blvd.
LVCC on Union Boulevard
Our Pre-K Counts class instituted "Project Pretty" this week. We cleaned up and beautified the outside of our center by planting flowers in planter boxes. We used teamwork skills to help one another weed and plant.  See more photos...
Quiver Traveling Farm came to visit in our play yard. Our classes had the opportunity to pet and feed the various animals which included, a 19 lb rabbit, a calf named Lorelie, ducks, chickens, baby chicks, a goat, a lamb, a turkey and a pig. We LOVED the animals!  See more photos...

Pre-K Counts family tree project
Our Pre-K Counts families joined us in making our own family tree. Our families added photos while we drew creative artwork. Our teachers then displayed our family trees together on the wall so we can see all the different photos.  See more photos...

Walnut Street preschoolers doing "The Otter
Hokey-Pokey" with Allentown librarian, Ms. Joan.
LVCC on Walnut Street
Ms. Joan from the Allentown Library read our preschool class two special books, "Stop Snoring Bernard" and "Otter On His Own".  She engaged us with questions about the books and brought along animal toys to bring the books to life. We especially enjoyed dancing and singing to "The Otter Hokey-Pokey" with Ms. Joan.  See more photos...

LVCC at Wilson
Pennsylvania State Representative Bob
Freeman with a few LVCC at Ritter students
State Representative Bob Freeman visited the school-age center in honor of Week of the Young Child. After reading "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss, he asked us questions about the book. Rep. Freeman had one-on-one conversations about our interests. He also entertained us with his slight-of hand tricks that we tried to mimic.  See more photos...

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