Crammin' in Crayola Fun

Imagination came to life when our Pre-K Counts class from LVCC's South Mountain went to The Crayola Experience in Easton. Our four-year-old bunch had a grand time using all the colors of the rainbow as their tools.

The Crayola Experience is as close as heaven can get to a four-year-old. Who else lets us draw on the walls? We colored many beautiful pieces of artwork and constructed scenery and costumes out of paperbags, crayons, and markers. Some fun stations included die cut figures that we could decorate. We were allowed to take all of our creations home!

Little fingers can explore the world of color through crayons, markers, pens, pencils, and now light through the Doodle in the Dark room. We used special pencils to draw pictures that glow in the dark! Some of our clothes glowed in the dark too!

Our final discovery led us to the canal boat room, where we could play canal boat captains and learn how food and other products were transported in the past. We floated a canal boat through a watery pathway. This path went under bridges, across pulleys, and through locks. Amazing that a little mule could pull these heavy canal boats through narrow areas!

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