Mixing Martial Arts, New Friends, & Science Experiments Gone Mad

Martial Arts

Our Pre-K Counts class from LVCC on Union Boulevard had a fantastic field trip to Leading Edge Martial Arts in Bethlehem.  Sensei Joe and Carolyn, instructors, spoke to us about the importance of discipline and how we can use this discipline to stop a bully.

We learned that when a bully bothers us, we don't always use our hands. Use our words first! Our voice is our most important weapon against a bully. We should tell an adult if we are being picked on and always ask for help from the people around us if we can't get out of a bullying situation.

Sensei explained that we shouldn't run away from our friends if they are being bullied. We should stick up for our friends because there is power in numbers.

The instructors kept us psyched as we practiced the basics to martial arts - punch, block, kick. We practiced the "attention stance", where we come to attention with feet together and hands at our sides. We also practiced the "ready stance" standing with feet apart and hands in front of us in fists.

After the class ended, we each received a washable tattoo and a coupon for a free class. Thank you Leading Edge Martial Arts!

Making New Friends

Many of the students at LVCC's Fowler Center had the opportunity to interact with Japanese exchange students studying through Moravian College. Our new friends played games and read stories with us.

We were given various small shapes and asked to use them to make new, larger shapes. This activity helps with the development of fine-motor skills, shape and color recognition, and spacial organization.

Our Pre-K Counts classroom received eggs just before Easter that hatched into baby chicks on Tuesday! The preschool class was invited to visit the baby chicks and practice gentle touches while interacting with the animals. Our temporary pets went back to the farm on Friday.

Pre-School has learned a new dance game! One child dances in the middle while the others form a circle around him or her. This activity helps the children learn how to take turns and develop their appreciation for music and movement.

Science Experiments Gone Mad

What do you get when you mix sodium borate solution, polyvinyl alcohol, and green food coloring? Green slime, of course! The Mad Science lab truly sparked imaginative learning with our class from LVCC at Western Salisbury.

The slime was a big hit with the school-age students, with plenty of "eews" and "awes" to go around. Each student received the proper utensils to mix the ingredients and watch their experiment get gooey as they stirred. Once the consistency of gelatine, we could stretch the slime to great lengths. We found that we could blow slime bubbles with a straw! Although non-toxic, the slime was not edible.

In the four-week course, a "Mad Scientist" brought his mobile laboratory to LVCC. Other experiments included making silly putty and watching our stunt planes and gliders fly through the air.

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