Making Moving Models & Exploring Exotic Animals

Using hands-on K'NEX education, our school-age students (K-5) enrolled in LVCC at Truman explored motion. Miss Sharon Wentzel, an independent K'NEX consultant and former teacher, brought a number of challenging K'NEX structures for us to build using problem-solving and ingenuity.

We built a helicopter with a twirling rotor, a spinning top, a tottering see-saw, and pirate ship that swung using a pendulum. Once completing the models, the older students helped the younger students, encouraging interaction among the children. The best part - we could keep our creations and take them home!

The K'NEX class motivated us to learn while we observed, investigated and experimented with various structures. K'NEX engaged us in math concepts, scientific phenomena and technology too. And we thought that we were just playing with toys!

The LVCC classroom at Western Salisbury Elementary School was transformed into an unforgettable natural science experience! The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University brought their Academy On-the-Go to our center.

This exciting "Everybody Needs a Home" live animals are part of this lesson program was like a museum visit—complete with specimens, live animals, and an expert naturalist—right to our classroom. Food, water, shelter, space—all creatures need a habitat that provides these things. We met several animals from different habitats and discovered how these needs were met. We also explored how animals depend upon and relate to one another within a habitat.

Our naturalist brought along a live chinchilla, a rosy-haired tarantula, a red-tailed hawk, and - our favorite! - a coati named Jodi. After the presentation, we had the opportunity to feel different types of animal furs and examine real animal bones, skulls, and a turtle shell. It was a fun and educational day!

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