Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

What better way to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday than reading to a child?

In celebration of Dr. Seuss and his of love of childhood learning, LVCC classes have been reading Dr. Seuss classics - an effective tool for teaching literacy. Using rhymes and witty humor, Dr. Seuss has been a favorite with children for years.

This week constitutes Read Across America, a national initiative to promote reading as a fun and important activity.
This evening, please continue the celebration by reading a book with your child.  

Remember... the Cat in the Hat knows alot about that!!
Among all the many Dr. Seuss titles, Green Eggs and Ham ranks one of the favorites. 

With a little food coloring and imagination, our classes (aided by our teachers) brought green eggs and ham to life. LVCC at Walnut St. even made green milk. The surveys are in - green eggs and ham are a yummy hit!

We had lots of sticky fun in the young toddler class at LVCC Stone's Crossing by reading Dr. Seuss's wacky book of opposites, The Foot Book. Our guest readers were the most special of all... our parents! After painting our feet (or shoes), we ran across a big sheet of paper to show our left and right feet. We then compared our foot sizes with the other classmates.

LVCC at Walnut St. read The Cat in the Hat. We learned about patterns when we created our own hats using red and white materials. Then we read 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and created our own fish with watercolor paint. The next book we read was Hop on Pop, along with playing a rhyming word activity. Thursday, we read Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s and practiced our handwriting skills. On Friday, we of course read Green Eggs and Ham, and you can see from above how much fun we had.

 LVCC's Fowler Center also held many great activities. We stamped cut-outs of our feet in paths leading hither and yon all around the building, in Seussical fashion. We each chose our favorite Dr. Seuss book, and after reading it, told our teachers why we liked the book so much.

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