Storytelling with Art & Engineering with LEGOS

Bill Christine, or "Mr. Bill" as we call him, has once again taken on the role as Artist-in-Residence, this time at LVCC on Walnut Street. Mr. Bill uses language and literacy, visual arts, three-dimensional representation, and music in his lessons.

This week, we made up songs about when we were babies. We sang about a purple blankie and a baby bottle. Some of us danced with brooms as our partners while Mr. Bill played the guitar and sang.

Mr. Bill told us a story about his dog, Claudia, and his cat, Spunky, while drawing on the dry-erase board. In the story, his pets dressed up and went shopping when he fell asleep in his chair. When Mr. Bill woke up, he found tuna cans and dog bones hidden everywhere. We laughed because we thought this was silly.

We have been building a paper castle and acting out stories as we play with our handcrafted paperdolls. Along with construction skills, we have learned rudimentary geometry and practiced cutting and folding. Each week, we add to the castle and write down the stories. At the end of the 15 weeks, we will put all the tales together to have books to read about our adventures.

Thank you Allentown Art Museum and the Fowler Education Fund for making this program possible.


LVCC continued the Computer Explorers program for the spring 2012 season. LVCC at Muhlenberg Elementary students displayed there newly discovered LEGO robotics programming abilities. While working together on teams for the Smart Spinner project, students learned about how gears work and used problem solving skills for the robots to function properly.

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