Budding Animators & Architects

John Borick of LVCC at Shafer School brings Disney characters to life with his pencil sketches.

You can usually find this blossoming animator in the creative process. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) are some of his favorite drawings.  You may someday see this talented artist in the credits of a future Disney movie!


No, we aren't playing poker! I see another Frank Lloyd Wright in the making. Our LVCC at Shafer School class discovered architecture through a deck of cards.

Our class practiced building objects with the cards. From pyramids to elaborately-layered structures, our students used their problem-solving skills to make an innovative house of cards. Building card houses and other card games can teach math skills - counting, number order, addition, subtraction and probability. When working together to construct a house, we use communication and teamwork to reach our goal. 

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