Indoor Art Projects with Fallen Snow

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the activities inside are delightful!

With the temperature below freezing this week, it was too cold outside. Try telling that to a room full of preschoolers who just want to play in the snow! The innovative teachers from LVCC at Stones Crossing came up with a solution... bring the snow inside.

The teachers collected buckets of snow for a unique indoor art project. The toddler and preschool children added the snow to recycled baby food jars, then mixed in liquid watercolor. VoilĂ  - instant paint! Experimenting with the science of art, the children discovered a spectrum of colors by mixing primary colors.

The toddlers painted individual artwork, while the preschoolers worked together on a banner. The children were asked to paint freestyle from their own imagination. The mural soon became filled with vibrant color.

As they painted, the classes discussed the properties of snow-- how it's cold and when melted, it becomes a liquid. The children asked and answered many questions. Where does snow come from? What color is snow? The favorite topic was how to build snowman with snow.

Families are welcome to view the finished mural on display in the back building of LVCC at Stones Crossing.

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