Happy Heart Health Day

On February 7th, the staff and children of LVCC on Walnut Street showed their support of National Wear Red Day® by wearing red clothing and participating in activities that promote heart health awareness.

Toddlers, preschoolers, and Pre-K Counts students
from LVCC on Walnut Street in Allentown.

The morning began with stretching exercises. The preschool and Pre-K Counts children then learned fun facts about the heart's function in the body.

The younger preschoolers practiced important motor development skills like cutting with scissors.While creating heart-shaped art projects, they discussed how the heart is associated with feelings of love and holidays such as Valentine's Day.

In their journals, the older preschoolers in Pre-K Counts practiced writing sentences about having a healthy heart. They also drew nutritious foods that they like to eat. After a delicious snack of applesauce and graham crackers, the children were powered up to learn some more!

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