Students Train Seeing Eye Dog

FALL 2013
Students from LVCC at Nazareth Area Intermediate School
received a puppy, Echo, to train for the Seeing Eye program.
Every year with instruction from Center Director Colleen Heimbach, the students enrolled with LVCC at Nazareth Area Intermediate School help raise a puppy to enter the Seeing Eye guide dog program.

The children each take responsibility in the care of the dog during operational hours. Since guide dogs must lead the visually impaired away from obstacles, the children perform obedience instruction by giving and reinforcing basic commands like turning and sitting.

Throughout the year, Ms. Heimbach introduces her students to the world of working dogs by reading books and stories about the functions of guide and service dogs.
Echo earned his Seeing Eye vest thanks to help from
LVCC at Nazareth Area Intermediate School students.

This year's German Shepherd pup, Echo, recently earned his guide dog vest after testing with a Seeing Eye representative. He was evaluated on his basic obedience, as well as his reaction to strangers and the environment.

Echo will advance to further training with The Seeing Eye until he is placed into a home. In time, the students will receive letters following up on how the dog has adjusted to training and his new forever home. The children can feel proud that they had a hand in helping people enhance their daily lives by becoming more independent.


Anonymous said...

Colleen Heimbach and the students are doing the world a great service! So proud that both of my kids have been involved in the program teaching kindness, compassion, and skills that will help these puppies be of service to others. This program is teaching students responsibility, caring for others, and allows students to understand their impact on the project as they are updated on each dog's progress. Students are provided realistic life experiences providing a hands-on approach to learning, which over time, benefits the life of a disabled person. Thanks, Colleen!
~Karen Pasquel

Anonymous said...

Thank You Karen for your kind words. This years group has really stepped up to working on Echo's obedience skills. As a result he is very solid on his commands. I must let you know how much I appreciate Timmy's willingness to take Echo outside for his much needed breaks on theses cold winter days!!!