Preschoolers Experience Special Repertory Dance Theatre Ballet Performance

The Pre-K Counts class from LVCC's Judith Chase Early Learning Center and both preschool and Pre-K Counts classes from LVCC on Walnut Street experienced a composition of music and beauty with a live, enchanting performance of "Sleeping Beauty." As honored guests of the Repertory Dance Theatre, the four-and-five-year-old children visited Allentown's Scottish Rite Cathedral to watch the classical Tchaikovsky ballet.

Adapted for youngsters, the ballet told the story of the beautiful Princess Aurora, cursed by an evil witch. After sleeping for 100 years, true love's kiss woke the princess from the spell. The prince and princess then married, living happily ever after. 

The children's eyes widened in amazement and wonder as the dancers entered the stage in their bright-colored costumes. The art of dance introduced the preschoolers to a different form of creativity and music. 

After completion of the performance, the children expressed themselves through movement, imitating the ballet. The Repertory Dance Theatre performers then made a special appearance, inviting LVCC on stage for a photo opportunity and a chance to dance with the ballerinas (female ballet dancers) and ballerinos (male ballet dancers). 

Thank you Repertory Dance Theatre for a wonderful day!

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