Keeping Teeth White and Bright

Dr. Ryan Scally, Pediatric Dentist, made a special guest appearance in LVCC at Stones Crossing's preschool class. He brought along a friend to help teach children - a kangaroo puppet named Roo. By brushing Roo's teeth with a huge toothbrush, Dr. Scally showed the class how to properly brush teeth.

The preschoolers learned to brush two times a day. Dr. Scally suggested, "an adult, like mom or dad, should help while brushing to get all the teeth clean." He also taught that fruits, vegetables and meats make teeth strong, while candy is bad for teeth.

The children remained highly engaged answering questions and participating in a flossing demonstration. While two girls stood side-by-side, representing two teeth, a boy used a cord to floss between the girls. Dr. Scally explained, "flossing helps get the yuckies out of teeth."

Afterward, Dr. Scally read a story about Eloise, a tooth fairy in training.

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