Guinea Pigs Wed on Valentine's Day

The creative school-age children attending LVCC's after-school program at Nazareth Area Intermediate discovered how to plan a wedding... for a pair of guinea pigs. The idea originated when one of the students announced that she received a second guinea pig as a family pet. The class unanimously decided to hold a special ceremony for the pets on the day of love.

Every minute detail was planned out by the children. The set design of the "walkway" for the purring couple was beautifully decorated to match the bridesmaids' hand-made "floral arrangements" in color, pattern, and style. The children collaborated in writing the script for the service, as well as creating the ceremony invitations and program. One of the students officiated. Original costumes for a groom's tux and a bride's veil were designed. The musical score for the celebration included a special selection performed by a talented LVCC student.

The children experienced an all-inclusive educational curriculum through the wedding planning. While preparing the guest list and taking measurements for the costume and set design, they practiced their math skills. Public speaking, role-playing, writing, art, music, and even social studies were other topics explored.

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