TechStars Brings Robot Legos Alive at LVCC

LVCC partnered with TechStars, a division of Computer Explorers, to provide hands-on robotics classes for the school-age students attending LVCC at Wilson School, LVCC at Lower Nazareth School, LVCC at Alburtis School, and LVCC at Lincoln School. Throughout the five-week after-school sessions, the children had the opportunity to learn computer programming using colorful Lego blocks, small motors, motion sensors, and laptops.

The students, working in teams, followed step-by-step directions to build a number of moving objects like chomping alligators, sliding soccer goalies, propelled airplanes, and tilting boats. If a step was missed, the children would use problem solving and counting skills to work out the problem. Lego programming helped spark interest in technology and engineering.

The sessions were led by Wendy Buchanan and Hans Wagner, Computer Explorers Teachers.

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