Cedar Crest College Leads Nutrition Demonstration

Students enrolled in the nutrition program at Cedar Crest College will hold a series of healthy food discussions and cooking demonstrations for families and staff at various LVCC locations throughout the year. The latest presentation was held at LVCC's Fowler Center on Main Street.

The presenters offered tips on how to get your picky child to try new foods, such as involving your child in the kitchen to interest them in what they are eating. Don't praise your child for finishing their meal; instead praise him for trying different foods. Introduce foods twice to children because our tastebuds change as we age.

During the cooking demonstration, families tasted yummy peach oatmeal, southwestern-style kidney beans, and banana-carrot-oat muffins. The attending families also received parting gifts, including free vouchers for a fruit and a vegetable, nutritious recipes to enjoy at home, and a bag of ingredients to make the recipes.

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