Playing Games Teaches Skills

Playing games is an entertaining way to hone basic life skills, and form a solid foundation for learning. Our school-age students enrolled in LVCC at Truman School have discovered different resources, including playing card games and building with blocks, can be a fun way to explore these skills.

Cards help our students learn math skills like counting, number order, and probability. Children can practice basic strategy and concentration. By waiting to taking turns, the students learn patience. Social interaction takes place throughout the game. Once they have learned the rules of the game, our little card sharks enjoy giving simple instruction to others that do not know how to play. They also develop good sportsmanship by winning and losing gracefully.

Using wooden blocks and the power of ingenuity, our students can create masterpiece structures. Constructing a towering block building takes imagination, problem-solving, and when working with others, communication.  Our junior architects learn the basics of geometry through using different shapes. They also discover the science of gravity if the blocks are not balanced properly.

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