Families Eager to Participate in Open House

This school-age child created a rainmaker with her mother.
Families that attended last night's open house discovered the joy of learning with LVCC at Lincoln School! Many new faces joined our arts, crafts, and science activity stations.

At one station, we decorated rainmakers, inspired by Native American tradition. This craft can easily be made at home.

  • Glue colorful decorations or artwork around a paper towel roll
  • Rubber band (or glue) sturdy paper to one end.
  • Fill with a cup of dried beans or rice.
  • Seal the other end by rubber banding (or gluing) another sturdy paper to it.
  • Once complete, shake the rainmaker from end-to-end. It sounds like rain!

  • The "cast" of LVCC at Lincoln School's Open House, from
    left to right: Craig Tucker, Jabeen Chisty, LouEllen Banzhoff,
    & Kristina Adams.

    The students, their siblings, and parents engaged in many other projects as well. Some made silly putty, while others colored take-home puzzles and insect trivia coloring pages. Families also decorated photo frames together.

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