Winter Fun at Fowler

Since we haven't received much snow so far this winter, our older toddler class at LVCC's Fowler Center created our very own indoor winter wonderland.

To practice fine motor coordination, we brushed white paint onto grey paper, creating a blizzard on the bulletin board. Snowballs inspired this activity. To exercise our fine motor development, we glued cotton balls, representing ice and snow, onto the igloo shape to make a 3-D igloo. We also painted coffee filters, which are shaped like igloos, using colored dot markers.

Once we finished our artwork, we discussed things that are white - snowflakes, paper, crayons, and even blankets. We sure found lots of objects that can be white.

All this busy crafting made us hungry! It's a good thing our teacher had a healthy snack of bananas and goldfish waiting for us. Water washed it all down into our full bellies!

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