Red Light, Green Light: Safety on the Street

Look both ways before crossing the street. This may seem to be common-sense, but to young children who need to be aware of their surroundings, this simple message can save their life. During a visit with LVCC at Stones Crossing preschool and school-age children today, retired state trooper, Jack Brown, provided many other safety awareness tips.

Using actual traffic lights and other colorful visuals, Trooper Brown engaged the class in conversation about the importance of street safety. The children were introduced to familiar and some not-so-familiar road signs. With the help of a puppet friend, the children learned to beware of strangers through songs.

Trooper Brown had help from the Sesame Street gang to promote safety awareness.

The puppet show discussed being aware of strangers and your surroundings.

Trooper Brown introduced the children to visuals they can recognize on the street.

Audience participation

Thank you Trooper Brown for helping us stay safe!

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