Fun & Safety at the Pool

Thanks to the generosity of the Two Rivers Health and Wellness Foundation, LVCC's Campus Center partnered with the Westside Park Pool in Bethlehem to help reduce the the risk of drowning among children. From June to July, the summer school-age children participated in six swimming lessons conducted by certified swim aids.

The children were first introduced to water safety tips (i.e. never dive head first off the side of a pool, don't run alongside the pool).

With the use of flotation devices, beginners learned basic swim skills like floating and paddling. They practiced submerging their heads underwater. As their skills developed, they advanced to the intermediate level.

Intermediate swimmers built upon those basic skills to refine movement and endurance. They coordinated kicking and arm movements, eventually swimming underwater. Able to hold their breath for longer periods of time, they retrieved rings at the bottom of the pool.

For the rest of the summer, the children will now go to the pool more confident in their swimming abilities.

Practicing kicking
Swim aid guides student as she kicks.

The student learns to guide himself using a floating board and kicking.
Practicing kicking and holding breath underwater

Treading water

Diving for rings

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