Snowflake Has Arrived

We are so excited about Snowflake arriving! No, not the white stuff that falls from the sky - the Wells Fargo Bank mascot!

Mr. Roy Detweiler, III and Ms. Evalys Flores (pictured on the right) from Wells Fargo Bank, located on Union Boulevard, visited us at LVCC's Union Boulevard and brought along a 4-foot plush pony named “Snowflake.” Each bank branch donated a pony to a children’s organization of their choice; the staff at the Union Blvd. branch chose LVCC. This year's pony, Snowflake, is modeled after a Wells Fargo express wagon horse from the 1880s. The historical Snowflake led a team of horses that helped deliver money, merchandise, important papers, and packages from Jersey City across the Hudson River into Manhattan.

Now, Snowflake is delivering smiles and giggles to all of our classrooms. We hugged and snuggled with Snowflake the whole day! Our teachers also instructed us on how to properly pet and care for an animal.

Our LVCC classes made a large thank you card with our painted handprints that Ms. Sharon delivered to the wonderful staff at Wells Fargo.

Thank you Wells Fargo Bank! We will take care of Snowflake for many, many years!

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