Frosty the Snowman

Did you know Papier-mâché in French means chewed paper? We didn't chew the paper when we made this paper-mache snowman in our preschool class at LVCC's Walnut Street. Instead, we pasted strips of newspaper onto a blown-up balloon. We made the paste out of water, glue and flour. When the paste dried, we painted the snowman white and gave him some facial features and painted buttons. Once the paint dried, we gave him some finishing touches of a hat, a scarf, and pipe cleaner arms. Everyone worked as a team to create this cute guy! The whole class decided to name him Frosty.

When we were all finished, our teacher took us outside to play in the snow. We pretended to be Frosty the Snowman and let the cold snow drop onto our noses! It's a good thing we were all bundled up to stay warm. The real Frosty would have melted!

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