Stop, Drop, and Roll

LVCC St. Luke's had a special visitor on Wednesday. Fire Chief David Boehrer from the Fountain Hill Fire Department brought his nicest firetruck for the children to explore. After Fire Chief Dave taught the basics of "stop, drop, and roll", he allowed the children to ask questions. The children asked very good open-ended questions that demonstrated their excellent communication skills (and fascination with firetrucks). Fire Chief Dave rewarded the children with their very own fireman helmuts for being such attentive listeners.
Ms. Natasha from the Preschool class volunteered to try on the fireman's uniform. Once completely suited up, Ms. Natasha was carrying 120 lbs. of gear! All the children agreed, they liked Ms. Natasha in the suit.
Fire Chief Dave was so informative and he even gave the center a "Sparky the Fire Dog" video to watch. Now all the preschoolers and older toddlers should know what to do in case of a fire and that they should not hide from the fireman when he comes to save them.
To see more photos of this event, click on this link to Flickr.com

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