The Next Van Gogh...Is Still in Diapers?

Would you let an infant play with paint? Ms. Bertha and Ms. Ada from the LVCC Teen Parent program at William Allen High School definitely do (with supervision, of course)! They know that even a single brush swipe from a 4 month-old is artwork. According to Ms. Bertha, by 9 months-old, an infant will pick up a paint brush and realize something exciting happens when they take a stroke. October's artwork included footprint ghosts, displayed on the center's wall. The bright colors and feel of the paint on their little tootsie-toes kept the infants curious and engaged.

This week at LVCC, the children took home turkeys - made of a real maple leaf and their very own handprints. Ms. Ada so kindly laminated the artwork for parents and grandparents to treasure forever!
 Ms. Bertha during lunchtime rocking an infant.

 Handprint Turkeys

Footprint Ghosts

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