The Day Before Christmas At LVCC

Twas the day before Christmas, when all through LVCC
lots of children were stirring, engaged in fun activity.

The paper stockings were creatively hung on the wall with care
in hopes that mom and dad could proudly see it there.

Young children then nestled all snug on their mats,
resting from a busy day of making festive elf hats.

Bellies full of healthy lunch, growing brains strong and apt!
Teachers finished lesson plans while the little tots napped.

When out in the hall there arose such a clatter,
everyone sprang from their mats to see what was the matter.

The school-age children had just arrived off the bus
excited to celebrate a very merry Christmas.

Preschoolers cut out decorations and painted with cheer
their 3D cardboard sleigh, counting out eight tiny reindeer.

Well-rested, the toddlers - so lively and quick -
danced joyfully to holiday tunes of St. Nick.

The infants, wide-eyed, watched the world in wonder;
exploring through senses, looking over and under.

The jingle of bells caused the children to pause,
until they saw who it was and gleefully cried out, "Santa Claus!"

After each had a turn on Santa's lap,
teacher said, "put on listening ears and your thinking cap."

Sitting in circle time, all smiles and no worry,
the children listened quietly to Santa read a story.

Soon parents arrived for their children at night.
LVCC staff wishes a merry Christmas to all, and to all much delight!

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