A Day at the Farm Harvests More than Pumpkins

What's red, orange, and full of energy?

The Pre-K Counts class from LVCC at South Mountain picking pumpkins!

Ms. Cathy and Ms. Heather, Pre-K Counts teachers, took the children on a field trip to Sieple Farms in Bath, PA. By visiting a working farm, the young children discovered that vegetables are grown from the ground and milk comes from cows, not a supermarket. The day was filled with fun, outdoor activities. 

A visit into the barn introduced the children to a number of farm animals. Being able to see, touch, and smell the cows and sheep up close was an exciting first-time experience for the children who had only ever seen these types of animals in books. 

They explored the maze made of straw bales, then took a bouncy hayride pulled by a tractor through the pumpkin patch. In the outdoor classroom, the preschoolers exercised their math skills by counting, measuring, and sorting at the corn sensory table. After the group worked together with their teachers to find their way out of the corn maze, they picked their very own pumpkins from the pumpkin patch at the end of the maze. 

An annual tradition, other LVCC sites that have taken or will take a trip to a pumpkin patch include three Allentown centers (Union Boulevard, Judith Chase Early Learning Center, Walnut Street) and two Bethlehem centers (Campus Center and Fowler Center).

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