Ten Minutes of Learning, A Lifetime of Memories

Every Tuesday, school-age students enrolled at LVCC at Nazareth Area Intermediate School invite their families to participate in an educational open house. Center Director Colleen Heimbach carefully chooses from a number of activities based on the appropriate Pennsylvania Early Learning Standard. The program gives children the opportunity to show their parents "all the cool stuff" they learn after the school bell rings.

Although families are asked to stay only an extra ten minutes, the memories they create with their children last a lifetime.

Food science and nutrition
Parents and their children prepared healthy snacks on a stick - grape kabobs. 

Strategies of movement
Children competed with their parents to see who could balance the peacock feather longer on their heads. Parents discovered that it takes some motor coordination to keep the feather upright.

Inquiry and Design / Aesthetic Response 
Experimenting with various patterns and colors, the children and their families worked collaboratively to make duct tape lanyards. Everyone shared ideas and opinions while creating the project.

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