Stepping Up with Pre-Kindergarten

LVCC at Walnut Street's Pre-K Counts class is going places.
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Pre-kindergartners, Pre-K Counts class and teachers from
LVCC's Judith Chase Early Learning Center
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The past two weeks marked the final days of the school year. Completing LVCC's pre-kindergarten and Pre-K Counts programs, six centers celebrated with "stepping up" ceremonies for the students and their parents.

"Whether we call it stepping up, graduation, or end of the year party, the main goal is to celebrate children and their accomplishments," explains Joselin Blanco, LVCC's Campus Center director. "It offers the children the opportunity to show their parents what they have learned throughout the school year."

Moving from preschool to kindergarten becomes a milestone in a child's life. Preschool builds the foundation for education, instilling a love for learning that a child can take with them throughout life. Celebrating this milestone helps children realize the importance of their accomplishments.

If asked what some of the most memorable LVCC experiences have been this year, preschoolers may say field trips to the Lehigh Valley Zoo or the Crayola Factory. Ask LVCC preschool and Pre-K Counts teachers the same question. They'll answer, "watching their students blossom from the beginning of the year until now."

LVCC on Union Boulevard Pre-K Counts class and teachers
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Congratulations Class of 2013! 
We are proud of you! 

Rockin' out with LVCC's Campus Center Pre-K Counts ceremony
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Aloha from LVCC's Fowler Center on Main Street
pre-kindergartners, Pre-K Counts class and teachers.
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LVCC at South Mountain pre-kindergartners,
 Pre-K Counts class and teachers
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