Children's Art Show

A talented student enrolled in LVCC at South Mountain's
school-age program displays his free-style drawing of a truck.
Children of all ages find art to be an engaging activity. It allows them to experiment with self-expression. It promotes creativity and an openness to new ideas. LVCC at South Mountain recently held a children's art show for the center's families to discover the natural talents of their children. The exhibits included various forms of artwork created by the school-age students.

3-D Art 
By using a variety of simple household items and school supplies, the students learned three-dimensional representations could be made from any material. The mixed media included candy, CD's, beads, paper, paint, glue, buttons and construction paper. The molding and intricate placing of materials practiced development of the children's hand-eye coordination (fine motor skills).

Who knew puzzle pieces, yarn, metal shelving, tiles, paint, glue, buttons and construction paper could result in such beautiful works of art? The process of creating the mosaic involved problem solving (and lots of counting). By analyzing and experimenting with different ideas, imaginative art resulted.

Free-Style Art
The teachers encouraged the students to express themselves through free-style art. Using different techniques (drawing, dabbing, coloring, gluing), abstract and realistic pieces were created. The individualism and personal interests emerged from each work of art.

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