A Lesson in Feeding Those Less Fortunate

The Nazareth Area Food Bank will receive a substantial amount of food to distribute for the holidays thanks to the children enrolled at LVCC at Shafer School and LVCC at Nazareth Area Intermediate School.

The students began collecting canned and boxed items on October 22nd. The goal was to collect 100 items between both locations by December 21st. The children exceeded their goal a whole month earlier than anticipated with a total of 130 food items.

One young boy brought in 16 boxes of cereal. When asked what prompted him to bring in so much food, he answered, "I told my dad we needed 16 more boxes of food to reach our goal. He said he would should get 30." What a great dad and what a thoughtful child!

The teachers and students kept track of the food collected with a progress chart. As the children brought in items, they filled in lines adding up the numbers on the chart.

"We didn't want to make this a contest," commented Ms. Candy, LVCC teacher. "We wanted the kids to give from the heart."

As a thank you for reaching the goal without any reward expectations, the LVCC teachers will throw a surprise pizza party for the Nazareth children in December.