Kiwanians Know How to Throw a Party!

Our friends at the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Allentown hosted a fun outing for the preschool children from LVCC's South Mountain and the Pre-K Counts children from LVCC on Walnut Street. Kiwanis members decorated a pavilion at the Allentown Rose Garden with balloons. They offered lots of active games and yummy food at the picnic.

As soon as the children hopped off the schoolbus, their eyes lit up with excitement when they saw the moon bounce blow-up castle. They took turns throwing mini-basketballs into a hoop. In an obstacle course created by our Kiwanis friends, the boys and girls jumped hopscotch, tossed balls into a bucket, twirled a hula hoop, bounced on a hippity-hop, and then raced back to the finish line. The children also found their inner artist while painting pumpkins with designs and many colors.

A beautiful sun-shining day, the picnic was a blast for everyone. Thank you to all of our Kiwanian friends for working hard to give the children such a special memory!

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