Rainy Days Don't Get ELC Down!

The rain fell hard outside today, but that didn't stop our budding 4-year olds in Pre-K Counts from the LVCC Judith Chase Early Learning Center. The creative juices flowed with all the active play, allowing the children to explore imagination.

Watch out Picasso, there's a new artist in town! This lil' tike showed us proper smock wear to keep her clothes clean and dry when creating a masterpiece.

And speaking of fashion, this belle of the tea party played "dress up" with all the fun clothes and accessories in the play closet. "Cinderella", as she called herself, modeled her sunflower hat to match her sunny disposition. She could pretend to be anyone or anything in her magical outfits.

Group play is A-OK as these tots demonstrated at the sand box. As they created sand castles and other cool shapes in the sand, the children learned the importance of tactile play and cooperative sharing.

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